A few good Quotes~

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.”

– Susan Heller

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

Mother Teresa


Buenos Aires, Argentina~Continued.

Day 3-
Today I spent walking around Buenos Aires checking out markets and once again eating delicious food. (Like fresh squeezed orange juice) It was fun get to see the different cultures and experience it through food. Yumm!
That night Dacotah and I got dressed up and took a taxi into one of the districts that is heavily influenced by Italians and ate at the restaurant La Rosadita a fondu place. It was the first time I have ever ate meats with different sauces and at the same time cooking it myself in a restaurant. It was a fun night.

Day 4-
Helping Hands feeding Program-
Each day more than 1500 people including 960 kids receive 1 meal at this foundation. “Los Piletones” is a dining room (with a community kitchen) that was created in 1996 by a resident family of the Villa Los Piletones. Getting to meet the women who started it all was fascinating. I attempted to talk to the kids as I was handing out their food. haha. I am a struggle when it comes to Spanish, but they just giggled when I said the wrong word.
Taking Spanish in High School helped me out so much in this situation. I was asking them how old they were, how many brothers/sisters they had, ect.

Another amazing experience that I am glad I got to be apart of.

Buenos Aires-Day 1 and 2

Buenos Aires, Argentina-November 2nd
After 10 days at sea..We have arrived in Argentina! Yay!

Day 1~
Today we planned on spending the day with one of my friends sea moms and her mom. We walked from the ship into the city to find the yellow bus to go on a tour of the city in. Well..That turned out to be slightly a failure. We finally got to the bus stop and it turned out that the buses were pretty much full for the rest of the day. Well when you have nothing else to do…You eat! 🙂 Haha. We went to a cute Argentine steakhouse. I ended up sharing and eating Empanadas (bread filled with cheese and meat…yumm), steak and salad.
Afterward my friends and I decided it was time to not sleep on the ship another night. Haha. So they went in search of good hotel deals and I went with the other ladies back to the ship. We ended up getting a good hotel deal @ the Sheraton. Well..actually it was expensive, but after shoving 6 people in the room for a 2 person price it was a good deal. haha. Dacotah and I made a trip to the grocery store that night and met a nice guy who worked for NOAA. He walked us to the grocery store which was totally out of his way and we talked the whole time. I spent the rest of the night with the girls talking, watching movies, and relaxing.

Day 2-
This country was all about relaxing for me. Normally all the countries I have been to are..RUN RUN RUN. Do do do! But yes we walked around, ate delicious food, talked to locals, tried to speak Spanish, and had an amazing time.
The morning consisted of laying by the pool. In the afternoon we walked around a market and bought some cute stuff. And in the evening came…Blind Dinner 🙂 Upon arriving at the Centro Argentino de Teatro Ciego (I have no clue what that means, but I think it is the name of the place we were eating at ha) we all walked up stairs and were lead in groups of two’s and six’s to tables. Having a hand on the shoulder of the person in front of you, you we were seated in pitch blackness. I literally could not see my fingers in front of my face. After being seated with Dacotah at a table far away from Semester at Sea people we felt around and found bread and the location of our plates, ect. Dacotah soon figured out that there was an Argentine couple sitting next to her and no one was sitting next to me. Haha. That was one interesting night. After our drinks (Which we stuck our fingers in to figure out how full they were) and food arrived we started eating from left to right. The tastes of the foods were so much more powerful then with the lights on. You know how they say your other senses get better if you lose one, well that was very true. The only problem with this was that since I couldn’t see the foods I tried smelling the foods to see what they were and that sorta disgusted me. I think I probably ate one thing on my entire plate. Even trying to figure out what a cherry tomato was, was a struggle until I ate it. Ha. You had to be very adventurous that night.
Also while we were eating there was a music show going on for us. Except instead of it being instruments the sounds were like a daily life experience for someone who was blind. We got to hear and smell a coffee shop, go to the train station(SO SCARY), listen to someone mow their lawn and use a chainsaw to cut trees down(Also very scary), listen to opera (Beautiful), smell baby powder, go to the grocery store, stop and smell the roses, and ect. It was a very humbling experience. I don’t think I take my sight for granted, I just am now more grateful to have my sight.
Another interesting part was that the majority of the people working at the restaurant were blind. Good thing I didn’t wear white because I definitely spilled on myself a few times and had probably a half a glass of water poured on me. All part of the experience I guess. 🙂 I realized that being blind was very similar to not knowing the language. Overall I am very happy I tried something different in Argentina.
And after the show the tour bus dropped Dacotah and I off at our hotel and the night was a very interesting one. haha….

1st picture-View of Buenos Aires from our hotel room.
2nd picture-Dacotah and I before our Blind Dinner

Celebrating Birthdays

Yay Birthdays!!! We had special Dinner on the ship to celebrate for Sarahs, Haleys, and Jessie’s Birthday. And of course I had to get a picture with Ellie. Love that kid!

It’s Halloween!!!

Halloween Dance=Dressing up 🙂

Sea Olympic Pictures~

Sea Olympics

Olympics Baby! (October 27th)-Atlantic Ocean

Today was Sea Olympics 🙂 The Sea (Floor) I live in is..BALTIC!!! Each sea competes against each other in many awesome events.

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, BOOM Baltic!!! (<– That was our cheer) And our Sea Color was baby blue. I borrowed a lot of clothes from people. haha. The only sea color I didn’t own..Light Blue.
Well…All of the seas competed in games such as:
*Lip Sync
*Synchronized Swimming
*Card games
*Blind Drawing
*Musical Chairs
*Scavenger Hunt
*Spelling Bee
*Pass the Orange

I competed in Pass the Orange and Speed. (The card game). Haha. It was a really fun day.
Our sea won 2nd place! Whoop Whoop! Go Baltic!

Love these 2 girls~Willa & Ellie

Pics-S Africa

Field Lab Pics~